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Sparkler Filters, Inc.  makers of ASME code Pressure Leaf 

   Horizontal & Vertical Filters for Liquid Filtration


Sparkler Filters are designed for polish filtration in the micron to 125 micron range and to be used on occasion with a variety of filter aids such as diatomaceous earth of activated carbon.  Sparkler custom manufacturers these filters for your requirements for both batch and semicontinuous filtrations.  









SFI Brochure


Your requirements for inexpensive liquid filter media can also be met through The Walter J. Hood Company as well. If necessary a filter test can be arranged at your facility with a test filter Sparkler has  loaned me to ascertain both filterability and correct media for my customer's applications.

Custom Designed Process Equipment With  Patterson Industries (Canada) Limited

Makers of Process Equipment  with broad applications throughout the chemical process industry

 Patterson leaflet


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